Montana Massage made arranging my workers' compensation massages so easy. Their helpful staff worked directly with the insurance group for billing details and regularly called me to schedule my next appointments. The licensed massage therapists made a huge difference in my recovery. Heather was able to pinpoint areas that were impacted by my back injury that hadn’t been addressed through other therapy channels, like chiropractic or massage. The LMTs at Montana Massage are professional, talented and knowledgeable. Without a doubt, the therapy I received at Montana Massage helped me see the most significant improvements in my back pain.

Carlyn Runnels

There are about 20 muscles in the lower leg and I seem to have chronic issues with many of them. After a weeklong, tough hunt in steep country with weight on my back, the outside muscles running down to my ankles were in bad shape. I booked an hour with Linda Anderson at Montana Massage. Linda exhibited thorough knowledge of the connectivity of the complex design of the lower leg in her work. After two days of dedicated hydration, on day three I felt zero soreness or pain in my lower legs. I feel so good I'm afraid to even go hunting again but when I do, I know that I can call Linda and she can set me straight again!

Justin Karnopp

Our Mission Statement

Montana Massage provides the public with opportunities to experience massage as a therapeutic tool in wellness maintenance & raises awareness of massage therapy as an option in self-care. We provide these services in an atmosphere of confidentiality & professionalism with attention to the dignity of our team, community clients, & the profession of massage therapy.

About the Clinic

Formerly known as Montana School of Massage, Montana Massage has been providing massages to the community since 1999.

Our clinic includes eight individual suites & one tandem suite to accommodate same day bookings. Each suite is complete with comfortable tables & soothing music for a tranquil experience.

Enjoy a relaxing & therapeutic atmosphere. Conquer stresses of daily life & treat yourself to a valuable gift you deserve!

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